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We're going full indie


Hey there! Welcome to our first blog post about our game, Nebuchadnezzar. We are two guys who have spent almost all our working lives in the game industry. And like almost everybody in our field, we’ve always dreamt about making our own game. We’ve been working on Nebuchadnezzar for several years now during our limited free time. But now, we’re officially focusing solely on Nebuchadnezzar and working around the clock to present our game to the world!

We are planning to release the game in the summer or fall of 2020. Currently, we’re not planning any early access. But if we change our minds, it would only be in the case that the game content is fully finished.

And what is our game about? Nebuchadnezzar is a classic isometric city building strategy game on a grid layout. Our biggest inspirations are city builder games like Pharaoh and others in the series created by Impressions Games. We believe that handmade, stylized 2D graphics have a special place in today’s gaming world. And so do isometric city builders. But we’re not trying to merely clone a successful game. We evolved the core mechanics and added new ones-adding a fresh perspective on the genre. You can find out more about the game at our website.

But we’d like to bring up two points here. The first is the historical setting where our game takes place: Ancient Mesopotamia. It’s a land rich with history and culture that greatly impacted our modern world. Like an origin story, we believe it’s a fascinating setting—that’s also super informative. The second point is the monuments in our game. In our game, monuments are complex buildings requiring lots of resources. But the work reaps great rewards! Players can truly rule over their lands with monuments that are fully-customizable: from structure to color scheme to final details. You can create whatever you like!

What’s our blog about? It’s our main platform to post news about Nebuchadnezzar. We will also post updates about the game here. We want to cover all aspects of our journey through indie game development. From the programming and designing of engines and features. To covering the style and techniques of graphics. To the marketing and general operation of a small game company. It will all be up here for you to see.

We are excited to hear what you think!

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